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Big Bear Floor Care believes in improving the environment and has gone to great lengths to make sure it does not have a negative impact on the environment. We are a true “green” carpet cleaning company. Our products are Green Seal Certified, Environmental Choice Certified, Envirodesic Certified & SOA Approved through the Carpet & Rug Institute.


Family owned & operated since 1994. Billy, Audra & Christopher Hicks are Certified Master Textile Technicians through the I.I.C.R.C, which is the highest level of training in the industry. In May of 2007, they purchased the World's Largest, Most Advanced & Most Powerful Cleaning Machine...“The Big Bear Truck!” Big Bear Floor Care uses non-toxic, soap-free, green eco-friendly products & have carpet dry to the touch before they leave your home. You wont believe the power of the Big Bear Truck & the results are amazing!

You can trust Big Bear Floor Care in your home or business for all of your “green” carpet, upholstery, expert rug, mattress, tile & grout and hardwood floor cleaning needs. We specialize in clients that are searching for quality, rather than the cheapest price. We are trained to the highest level in our industry and are confident that we have the knowledge to handle any of your cleaning needs. Our Murfreesboro clients have been trusting us for all of their carpet cleaning needs since 1994; our clients trust us to handle even the most difficult situations. One of our noted areas of expertise is the care we take with the most delicate of fibers such as wool and silk; whether it is wall to wall wool carpet, rugs or delicate upholstery.

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We are The Greener Cleaner in Murfreesboro, TN!!!

We Don’t Just Clean, We Care! The Bear Carpet Care! When you have Big Bear Floor Care clean your carpet you will get the Ultimate Service Experience! We can assure you that you have never had your carpet cleaned until you have had “The Big Bear Truck” take care of your carpet. Our truck is the World’s Largest, Most Powerful & Advanced Cleaning System. With the power of the Bear, we are able to clean “green” and get carpet “dry to the touch” before we leave your home – We don’t leave you with soaking wet carpet. Our Quality Has No Competition! Big Bear Floor Care is owned and operated by Billy, Audra and Christopher Hicks. We are the most experienced technicians that have been trained and certified through The Clean Trust – formerly the I.I.C.R.C. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Billy, Audra & Christopher are Certified Master Textile Technicians, which is the highest level of training in the industry. They love to mentor other cleaners who need help with their businesses. Their son, Christopher, became the youngest Certified Cleaner in the U.S. in 2005, when he was just 10 years old. In 2009, at the age of 14, he became the youngest Certified Master Textile Technician. Your friends or family that live in Murfreesboro may already be using our services, you can too! Carpet Cleaning in Murfreesboro, TN!!!

Your carpet is our canvas…our passion is to take the care and time to restore your carpet back to its original beauty so that you can get the maximum life out of your floor covering and enjoy a healthy indoor environment. This way it doesn’t end up in the landfill before it is time. Big Bear Floor Care believes in improving the environment and has gone to great lengths to make sure it does not have a negative impact on the environment. We are a true “green” carpet cleaning company & are always looking at new ways to be greener! We are not only green in business, but also in our personal life as well! We clean for clients that want safe products to be used in their home, who have allergies or asthma & weakened immune systems and need our type of service. We use Planet Guard products, a company dedicated to developing products that will stand up to stricter green cleaning requirements down the road.

Today, the green cleaning standards already in place are being closely scrutinized; it is likely that newer, tighter requirements will soon be in place. Products that are currently classified as “environmentally friendly” and self-proclaimed as “green” may have to adjust their current formulations just to keep up with new regulations. But Planet Guard products don’t just meet today’s requirements, they are designed to meet and exceed tomorrow’s anticipated standards as well. That is why the products are Green Seal Certified, Environmental Choice Certified, Envirodesic Certified, Natural Cleaning Products and even carry the Carpet & Rug Institutes Seal of Approval.

We are The Greener Cleaner!!!

Our clients own some of the most expensive of rugs and they do not trust anyone else to care for them. We are Certified to clean & care for any type of rug, even if it is a family heirloom, handmade Persian or antique rugs. We do not take your rugs to another cleaning firm to have them put through machinery. We do not clean your rugs with someone else’s rugs. Your rugs never leave our care, from the time we pick them up to clean each one by hand, to the time we deliver them safely back to your home. Unlike some companies that don’t have the expertise to clean rugs so they outsource the cleaning to a company that you don’t know.We take special care of each rug we care for. Every rug is special in its own way; so, each is cared for with special solutions that are eco-friendly. We care for some of the finest handmade rugs whether they are wool, silk or cotton.

We understand how delicate they are so each is given ultimate care. Each rug is tested to identify fiber type and color fastness. Each rug is dusted as part of the dry soil removal process. Each rug is treated with special solutions for its type of fiber and thoroughly cleaned and extracted of soil. Fringes are cleaned separately and then the proper fiber protection is applied. To finish, each rug is groomed with our Bear Paw Tool; & fringes are groomed and raked with our Bear Claw Tool. Finally, proper drying equipment is used – Our “Grizzly” Dryers!Our clients are always ecstatic when we deliver them all fresh & clean! This is why you can trust all your rugs to the Bear! Please read our testimonials from our clients & you will find what they have to say about our quality of work and take a stroll through our photo gallery.

Call Big Bear Floor Care for your Pet OOPS! Care in Murfreesboro, TN because we are the experts. We are known for specializing in the variety of pet damages that occur in the home. How we handle such damage depends on the damage source, the frequency, where it is located, how long it has been there, whether it is a cat or dog, etc. It is not uncommon to get an emergency call regarding pet damage because an animal got sick; most often occurring during the night. When an animal has an accident, fabric discoloration can occur caused by what it ate, the medicine it is taking, or the intensity of its stomach acids. We do a thorough inspection on arriving at our clients’ home; this may include using a special light to see exactly where the damage is if it’s not visible to the human eye. Some examples of what we normally see with pet oops! accidents include urine, feces, vomit, hairballs, territorial marking on carpet, walls, upholstery and rugs, blood from clipping nails and many other situations. Your dog or cat sheds hair daily so you will have pet hair throughout your home deposited on your carpet, which can cause allergies. It is almost impossible to vacuum the pet hair up with any ordinary household vacuum.

Before we get started cleaning we always Pre-Vacuum with our true HEPA backpack vacuum, which is able to trap at least 99.97 percent of particles of .3 microns. We are a true green cleaner & this is only one step to our “green” cleaning services. Most cleaners leave out this step in cleaning, but we believe & are trained to the highest level and it is a vital part of cleaning! Pet Damage Cleaning (Pet Urine/Odor Removal) will range from just normal cleaning and nothing else, to applying topical solutions for odor after cleaning, flooding the area with a special odor neutralizing solution, executing stain/odor extraction with our Bear Claw Tool used for sub-surface treatment or completely removing the carpet to replace the pad and clean and treat both sides of carpet. As you can see, Big Bear Floor Care has the expertise to handle any situation.

We also get rid of odors from wildlife; skunk odors & other odors brought into your home. If you have had a pan fire with the lingering smoke odor, we can help with that as well.

We get amazing results, not only because of our expertise, but also because of the heat and power of the equipment we use, our Big Bear Truck!

The two main allergens found in homes today are Dust Mites and pets. Most people who are allergic to their pet(s) are not going to remove them because that would be like removing a family member. The only way to live with pet allergies is to reduce the number of allergens in the home environment so that the symptoms will be reduced.We have products specifically designed for allergy sufferers. We use Planet Guard Professional products on carpets, rugs & upholstery. These products are Green Seal Certified, Environmental Choice Certified, Envirodesic Certified & SOA Approved through the Carpet & Rug Institute. We also use MasterBlend’s Responsible Care System for anti-allergen cleaning and treatment of mattresses, carpeting, upholstered furniture, rugs and window treatments.Allergens can be in carpets, upholstery, mattresses and bedding, pillows and throughout the home, on pets and even on clothing or hair. Dust mites can never be eliminated because they keep regenerating themselves. They feed off of dead human skin cells and our beds give them good food and drink to thrive on. If a pet stays indoors the allergens will remain there too. Even if a pet is removed from the home the allergens can stay indoors for 2-6 months.Our cleaning process, when scheduled properly, helps reduce the allergens in your home. People with severe allergies need maintenance more often. A clean home is a healthy home!

Our Murfreesboro clients can sleep better and wake up revitalized after getting their mattresses cleaned and allergy treatments applied. This is an area of the home that people don’t think about cleaning. You spend more time in your bed sleeping so why neglect an important step to controlling dust, dirt & allergens. You will sleep better & feel better!A dust mite will produce 20 to 100 fecal pellets per day. A female dust mite will also lay 100 eggs during its approximate 10 week life span. During the night, most people toss and turn up to 60-70 times. This expels dust mite feces into the air from bedding and pillows. These allergens can then stay in the air for up to 2 hours. Once airborne, these potent allergens are inhaled. That can cause allergic illness, stimulating allergic reactions and asthma attacks in those who already have reactions, or creating asthma attacks in those who already have developed an allergic disease. Other activities such as walking on unclean carpet, vacuuming (with most household vacuums) or changing bed linens can easily stir up dust mite allergens.Mattresses should be cleaned and treated at least every 6 months. Dust mites repeat their cycle so as soon as you start to shed skin cells the cycle starts over again. But we can help denature dust mite feces for up to 4-6 months by cleaning your mattresses and applying an Anti-Allergy Relief Treatment to them. This is why you should have us thoroughly clean and treat your mattresses at least every 6 months to keep allergies at bay and to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Big Bear Floor Care is the company that you can trust to take care of even your most delicate fabrics in your home. We have the training & expertise to handle any situation. You shouldn’t trust your expensive fabrics & furniture to just any company. Life happens…we understand that you may have spills, body oils, cooking oils, pet oops! or just plain every day messes that happen to your upholstery. No matter what happens, we know how to take care of it so that your upholstery can last for years to come.Cleaning frequencies depend on the use of the fabric. For instance, your family room upholstery may need to be cleaned more often than your upholstery in your formal living room. If you have pets, kids, parties, etc. then you may require more frequent cleanings. We always thoroughly pre-vacuum the upholstery before we clean it. This helps remove any loose dirt, pet hair, dander, etc. before applying our pre-spray to the fabric. During this process we may find valuables & loose change so we hand that right to our clients.We use the latest in cleaning techniques, with the environment in mind, to care for your upholstered furniture & leather too. We do a thorough inspection of the upholstery & will determine what the proper cleaning procedure will be for your specific fabric. With the use of “The Big Bear Truck” we are able to have your textiles clean & dry to the touch before we leave your home. We recommend that you clean your upholstery at least once a year or sooner depending on the use. Once cleaned, the benefits of having fabric protection applied will help maximize your cleaning & will make it easier to clean up spills when Life Happens.

Big Bear Floor Care technicians are trained to care for all types of leather. Leather should be cleaned and reconditioned on a regular basis to keep its lasting beauty. Leather can last a lifetime as long as it’s properly maintained. Maintenance frequency will depend on the quality of the upholstery, what climate it’s in and where it’s located in the home. If it’s in a family room where it gets lots of use it will need to be cleaned more often. Also, if pets use the furniture, it is always a good idea to have it maintained more often. We also clean auto interiors that have leather.

We can take care of Pigmented/Protected Leather, Aniline Leather & Nubuck Leather – P-A-N. Some leathers are more susceptible to staining or looking worn so those leather types do require more care. To the untrained eye all leather is the same and, therefore, cleaned the same. But fine leather furniture shouldn’t be trusted to just any cleaner; call the company that understands how to keep its lasting beauty. We can Clean, Revitalize and Recondition your tired leather. Call today and see what the Big Bear Truck Can Do For YOU!

When it’s time to have your tile & grout cleaned call us to have the Big Bear Truck get your impossibly dirty floor to sparkle again. Big Bear turbo tile and grout cleaning will amaze you with the results our Big Bear Truck can produce. Once you see the power of the Big Bear Truck and the results it produces you will never want to get down on your hands and knees to scrub for hours with harsh acids again. We can rescue you from that horrible cleaning task. We know because of how many times we are told that we make tile look new again.We use our eco-friendly cleaning solutions along with the proper tools and the World’s Largest & Most Powerful Cleaning Machine – The Big Bear Truck. The truck has the proper heat, vacuum and pressure made to clean your specific type of tile. Once your tile is thoroughly cleaned we can apply a sealer to the grout to help protect it from foot traffic soiling and spills that happen. Most installed tile has not had the grout sealed because that requires coming back in about 72 hours to apply. When we come in we can seal your new floor while we are there. We only come back when it is time to fulfill your tile maintenance schedule.

We service commercial establishments in Murfreesboro, TN too. Most commercial carpet has been maintained incorrectly; not vacuumed properly, suffered from heavy foot traffic and was extremely soiled. Without proper maintenance most commercial properties need to have the carpet replaced way before it is time. So why not call the company that is known for making carpet last? With the power of the Big Bear Truck we can have the carpet dry to the touch and clean “green”, that will make your carpet last. Our cleaning will give your employees a healthier indoor environment to work in; this decreases sick days taken and the down-time needed from having to close to replace carpet. Our cleaning will only increase your productivity. We believe in helping the environment, not hurting it by replacing carpet before it should be, which when thrown out adds to the landfills.If you are looking for a company that you can trust to be in your establishment without supervision, to give you top-notch service without worrying if it will look better when it’s done, then call us and Experience the Difference…See What the Big Bear Truck Can Do for YOU! You will be amazed at the results!

Big Bear Floor Care can clean your hardwood floors to keep dirt from further damaging the surface. If your hardwood floor looks dull you may only need an intensive, deep cleaning or you might need our refinishing process done to your wood to bring back its natural beauty & shine. Our Dustless & Odorless Wood Refinishing process can restore your wood floor’s natural beauty. It works great on hardwood, prefinished & cork that has lost its shine and needs re-coating. We can refinish without all the mess of sanding. We apply 2-3 coats of finish to the floors and you won’t have an odor or any dust to deal with. Some of the deep gouges, water damaged stained wood or pet stains may look better, but the process will not get rid of those damaged areas in the wood. Sanding is the only thing that can remove that kind of damage. Our process, however, is loved by our clients because the floors can have the shine and protection brought back without all the mess. The best part is that no one has to move out of the home to get this accomplished. No Mess, No Dust & No Odor…just beautiful floors!

Fiber and fabric protectors are an important investment to make when you have freshly cleaned carpet & upholstery. There are so many benefits to having a protector applied to all of your carpet and furnishings. In so many cases in our industry cleaners will sell protector but only apply water so you think that protector doesn’t work. Our clients trust us to apply protector which we keep in a dedicated sprayer that has had nothing else in it but a high quality protector. We never use the same sprayer container that we use for applying cleaning solutions; this way only the protector is being applied. Also, we buy only the best of products & solutions to use in your home. A properly applied protector will help the fiber or fabric stay cleaner longer, helps you remove spots & spills much easier & helps extend the life of the carpet or upholstery. We believe in protector being applied because we use it in our own home each time we clean. This gives me the peace of mind that I can just grab our Bear Tracks Spot Remover to get it up if we ever spill anything in between cleanings. Without it, the fabric is susceptible to staining.

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